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Meet our family stars

  1. photo (27)

    Lily and Grace

    When Charlotte was told she was expecting twins her life changed dramatically. Having her twins, Lily and Grace, at 30 weeks meant they were in hospital...

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  2. Charlotte and her daughter

    Becoming a midwife whilst coping with tracheoesophageal fistula syndrome

    Charlotte was inspired to become a midwife after spending the first ten months of her life in hospital.

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  3. IMG_2576 Jade Conticelli low res

    Learning to live with burns

    When Jade was four years old she was burnt by a cup of coffee, this led to her undergoing numerous treatments, including wearing a pressure garment...

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  4. Rachel1

    Giving hope to children with burns

    Rachel, who was badly burnt as a child, shares her story with us and explain how a new Sparks funded research project for burns could...

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  5. Laura and her family

    Adapting our lives for Batten disease

    Laura has Batten disease, a very rare neurodegenerative disease which will mean she will lose her sight, speech, mental and motor abilities.

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