A letter from Louise

As our valued supporters and donors we wanted to share an important update about Sparks with you:

“After careful consideration, we have taken the decision to fully merge Sparks into GOSH Charity, which will take effect at the end of this financial year (March 2021).

“In the 30 years since it launched, Sparks has made a real difference to the lives of children living with rare and complex diseases. Thanks to the incredible support of you, Sparks’ wonderful donors, the charity has funded over £30million of research into over 80 childhood conditions. It’s an astounding achievement for a small but mighty organisation.

“Since Sparks approached GOSH Charity about sharing resources and expertise, which resulted in our partnership in 2017, the jointly-funded National Call has remained one of the largest dedicated paediatric research funds in the UK.

“But Sparks, like many small charities, has been hit particularly hard by the impact of Covid-19. So much of our fundraising relies on events, which have been severely disrupted. We need to ensure we make the best use of our resources to maximise our impact on the lives of seriously ill children. This is why we have made this decision to fully merge now, as being a single charity is the most efficient use of our resources moving forward.

“By doing this, we can guarantee the continuation of Sparks’ important work as GOSH Charity has committed to the same level of funding for research into rare and complex diseases. We will ensure the history of Sparks and its name will live on within GOSH Charity, and we will continue to fundraise through Sparks for the rest of this financial year. As our amazing supporters with a passion for making a difference, there are many ways you can continue to support vital child health research through GOSH Charity.

I would like to finish by saying a heart-felt thank you for your support. Whether you have been a part of Team Sparks by running a marathon, climbing a mountain, enjoying a round of golf, or donating at a gala event, the money you’ve raised has helped change and save the lives of many, many critically ill children. For that, you can be exceptionally proud.

Louise Parkes
Joint Chief Executive of Sparks, and GOSH Charity