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One in three children with rare and complex conditions won't live to celebrate their fifth Christmas. Sparks is fighting to change this by funding the best in paediatric health research across the UK.

Your support will help us fight for their future. There's no time to lose.

“Without life-saving research we don't know how many Christmases we'll have left together.”

Meet Bella.

"Bella has a rare condition called Vanishing White Matter Disease. She uses an electric wheelchair and she can't move her left arm. She will lose her sight, her speech and, eventually, even her ability to breath independently.

"I strictly monitor her health, as a simple cold could send her into a coma. Any trauma to her head could also destroy the remaining white matter in her brain and seizures, which can develop in the later stage of the disease, can be quite damaging too. Her body frequently spasms, causing her horrendous pain. Knowing she's in pain and I can't do anything is so upsetting.

"Bella says to me "when I grow up, i'll be as tall as you" and "I want to be a doctor" - it's heartbreaking. As she gets older, she is becoming more aware that she's not the same as other children. But how do you tell her that she's not going to have the chance to grow up?"

Natalie, Bella's mum.

Vanishing White Matter Disease

Vanishing White Matter (VWM) Disease means nerves and their protecting coating deteriorates, leading to devastating symptoms and, almost always, to death.

Children with this condition face a long journey to diagnosis. Sparks is committed to funding faster, more effective routes to diagnosis and helping find new ways to treat it.

Help families like Bella's stay together for longer.

A gift of just £20 to Sparks this Christmas can help save a child's life. For children like Bella, life-saving research is their only hope.

"I'm proud to support Sparks and the work it's doing to fund this vital research into child health. Sparks has already funded more than £30 million of research in more than 80 childhood conditions over almost 30 years. Please help them raise much-needed funds to ensure no life-changing research ideas go unfunded."

Christine Lampard, Sparks Children's Champion.