Trekking Training Zone


Taking on the challenge of a charity trek is an exciting way to mark a major milestone in your life, achieve something that you previously thought impossible and have an exhilarating, fun adventure!

Whichever trek inspires you, your first step is to get trek-fit and commit some time and effort to prepare your body for your challenge.

These free trek-fit training guides are specifically designed by fitness experts to safely progress your fitness to the appropriate levels so that you will not just be able to complete the challenge but you’ll be able to complete it comfortably.

Each training guide is based around trekking specific cardiovascular (CV) training but also includes a range of dedicated resistance and flexibility training exercises that will improve your total body fitness so that you have the all-round strength that you’ll need.

The training guides are carefully structured and cover everything that you need to do for your fitness preparation, so all you need to focus upon is forward planning and beginning sooner rather than later.