Leave a legacy

Thank you for considering making a gift to Sparks in your will. We understand leaving a gift in your will is a very special and personal commitment.

After considering your friends and family, making a gift to Sparks is an incredible way to make a lasting impact on the lives of future generations.

Supporting medical research can be a long term commitment. The wonderful support we receive from friends like yourself is vital to ensuring we can continue our work helping all children be born healthy and stay healthy.

The impressive programmes of work we have supported into conditions such as neuroblastoma, brain damage and childhood arthritis could not have been possible without the ability to dedicate long term funding. By pledging a gift you can help us plan for the future and make sure we can continue our vital work supporting the most necessary research.

Making a gift

Including a gift to Sparks in your Will is something your solicitor can arrange very simply once you have decided how you wish to make a gift. Whether you want to leave a specific gift or a share of your estate remaining once other gifts have been settled, your solicitor can help decide on the best options for you.

To include a gift to Sparks you will need to provide your solicitor with our name, address and charity number.

40 Bernard Street
London, WC1N 1LE

Registered Charity No. 1003825 (England and Wales) and SC039482 (Scotland)

We would always recommend using a solicitor to make a Will to ensure that your wishes are carried out as you intend them to be.

If you do not have a solicitor, ask friends and family for recommendations or find a firm registered with the law society.

You should also review your will regularly to ensure it continues to reflect your wishes and takes account of your changing circumstances.