fundraising ideas

Fundraising ideas

fundraising ideas


Promote your event

Contact your local press

Contact your local press to get the word out and get your community involved.

Download our Press Release – all you need to do is add the details of your event.

Social networking

  • Go viral with your fundraising – use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube to get your message out!
  • Shout out about your fundraising and encourage your friends to donate/come along to your event.

Top tips

  • Tell your story on your JustGiving page, and use Facebook/Twitter to share why you’ve chosen to fundraise for us and include your JustGiving link!
  • Post photos or videos of your event or challenge.
  • Thank everyone on Facebook/Twitter after your event

Spread the word in your local community

Download a Sparks poster and personalise it with your event details. Display this on community boards (ask your local parish council for access), as well as supermarket notice-boards.

If you want lots of people to attend your event, make sure you get the details into your local magazine. Estate Agents are often willing to promote big charity events on their ‘For Sale’ signs – see if they can help you out!