Whether you're a trust, foundation or individual, making a donation could help save and improve children’s lives by funding life-changing medical research.

One in three children with a rare condition won’t live to celebrate their fifth birthday. Our child health research can save their lives. You can help fund the treatments they urgently need.

For critically ill children, there’s no time to lose.

Supporting Sparks

When you make a gift to Sparks, a member of our team will bring you even closer to the families you’re helping.  Regular updates will include the latest insights from the researchers you’re supporting and the lasting difference your generous contribution is making to children with rare and complex conditions.

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"Having watched my daughter, Hannah, suffer all her life, undiagnosed and without a cure, before passing away at the age of nine, I can think of no better cause to support than the team at Sparks. I have witnessed the energy and commitment of all the individuals first hand and the dedication of the researchers in their laboratories is truly awe inspiring."

- Ed Walsh, Sparks supporter.

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Call Nisha Aubeeluck, Sparks Philanthropy Manager, on 020 3841 3114 or email