Designing a chair for children with painful whole-body spasms

Dr Tim Adlam

Dystonia is a severe form of cerebral palsy and causes painful whole-body spasms that are distressing for both the child and those around them.

Sitting in a conventional seat can also be painful for children with dystonia and can cause their spasms to worsen.

Dr Tim Adlam and his team have designed a new, specialised seat that moves gently with the child during spasms and responds when the child moves purposefully.

This could significantly improve the lives of children with dystonia by decreasing discomfort and pain, allowing them to move around more easily and increase independence.

This is the second stage of work previously funded by Sparks and we are delighted to support this important piece of research in its next phase.

Project overview
Improving comfort and mobility of children with painful whole-body spasms
Dr Tim Adlam
University of Bath

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