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Becoming a research partner

sean kelly“Sparks’ wealth of experience in Action for A-T’s first full year as a charity helped to raise our profile and maximise our fundraising efforts. By working together we have built great momentum in the research community for this little understood disease. Sparks’ rigorous peer review process gives us confidence as Trustees, that these projects have the best chance of finding a cure for A-T. It also ensures we are allocating our supporters’ hard raised money wisely.”

Sean Kelly, CEO of Action for A-T

We are excited to be working with other charities and foundations in funding research. We are passionate about building effective and lasting relationships so that we can make every hard-earned penny spent in children’s medical research go further.

Our successful partnership programme means that charities can fund their research through us and be reassured that their donors’ money is being spent on only the best science which can have the greatest impact. By working together we can also save time and money, increase the amount of research projects funded and raise awareness of our organisations and the amazing causes that we’re all working so hard to find treatments and cures for.

We recognise that working together is essential if we are to achieve our vision of all children being given the best possible start in life. That’s why we have created a free, bespoke research partner programme to help your charity fund vital medical research.

This successful programme means that your charity can fund medical research through us. We will support you through the process; managing the research grants and helping you work towards achieving your charitable objectives. No matter how rare your charity’s condition is – we will support you.

By working collaboratively, we can:

  • Avoid duplication of effort
  • Save time and money
  • Guarantee that donors’ money is being spent on the best quality science
  • Increase the amount of research grants funded
  • Raise awareness of your charity and it’s cause

Why we support you

Funding pioneering and innovative medical research is one of the ways we can help find treatments and cures for conditions affecting our children. We know this area is seriously underfunded.

By collaborating with partner charities we are able to increase our reach and create a co-ordinated approach to research. This allows us to leverage more funding for much needed areas of medical research whilst preventing duplication.

We believe that by sharing our values, resources and knowledge, our partnerships can make a greater impact.

If you feel your organisation could benefit from this free programme, we’d love to hear from you. So please get in touch with us on 020 7091 7750

Benefits we provide:

  • Expertise in awarding and managing grants
  • As part of our standard processes of grant administration, we are able
    to follow up research projects for up to five years after grants close, to ensure we are collecting all important outcomes and impacts
  • Advice and support in marketing and communications
  • Support and advice for fundraising activities
  • Access to golf and challenge events
  • Exposure to Sparks special event network
  • Benefit from advice and expertise of the corporate fundraising team on how to win, deliver and shape partnerships

Our current partners

We are proud to be working with our partners and making an impact on children’s health together.

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If you feel your organisation could benefit from this free programme, we’d love to hear from you. So please get in touch with us on 020 7091 7750