Sophie was born prematurely with a condition which meant that her heart and lungs weren’t connected properly. As a result, her blood wasn’t carrying enough oxygen.

Shortly after she was born, they met their consultant, Professor Tulloh, who has been a big part of their lives since. At six months old, Sophie had the first part of a three-stage operation, with the next two aged one, and 16 months.

Sophie's story - heart conditionSophie has four scars in total, the main one running from her collarbone to her stomach which her mother, Cherry, says she ‘wears as a badge of honour’.

Sophie now helps train junior doctors by going to their teaching sessions so they can work out her diagnosis. “She has what she calls her secret scar on her back which they often fail to spot and she finds it hilarious!” explains Cherry.

“We often go to these sessions, you feel so indebted that it seems like a small way of giving something back and helping families who go through it in the future.”