The Training Zone

Welcome to the Training Zone

Whether you’re doing 5km or 100km by foot or pedal, we have a range of training guides and information to help get you race day ready. Our guides will support you with your training needs whether it’s your first 10k or you’re a seasoned marathoner.

We also have a selection of fitness videos to help you prepare!

Fitness Videos

Watch a whole host of videos from our personal trainers to get you ready.

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Facebook Groups

Our groups are a great way to meet others, share ideas and support one another.

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Trekking Training Zone

Each guide is based on cardiovascular training and includes a variety of training exercises.

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Running Training Zone

These training guides will convert you from a beginner to a fitter, healthier, marathon runner.

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Cycling Training Zone

Safely progress your fitness to the appropriate levels to complete your challenge comfortably.

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