What we fund

At Sparks, we’re dedicated to helping children with rare and complex conditions.

We do that by funding life-saving child health research across the UK.

Since 1991, Sparks has funded over £30 million of research into over 80 childhood conditions. These include childhood cancers, epilepsy, spina bifida, Crohn’s disease, Down’s syndrome, Krabbe disease, cerebral palsy and the risks associated with premature birth.

For many children and their families, research is their only hope. We fund research to diagnose conditions and to discover kinder, more effective treatments that these children desperately need.

Child health research is severely underfunded – just 5% of what the public and charities spend on research, funds medical research for children.

Every moment counts. Your support could help change the lives of tens of thousands of children with rare and complex conditions in the UK.

For critically ill children, there’s no time to lose.

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